Enjoy sailing, snorkeling, sunbathing, and dinning on your private yacht across the Hawaiian Islands. Customize your yachting experience; Be it lounging in secluded bays or charging the islands experiencing everything Hawaii has to offer.

On the water, comfort is priority number one. The Hawaiian Islands are the most isolated island chain in the world; Cruising the Islands is what we call '“expedition sailing”. With the beauty comes roadstead anchorages without a building in sight. The beam (width) of a Catamaran offers stability second to none. The last thing you want is to be rolling out of bed in the middle of the night when the current and wind aren’t playing nice. The Catana 65’ with her 32’ Beam provides a gentle roll if any. Secondly, the above deck salon offers protection from the elements with an above deck view unlike most monohulls where the cabin is below deck. The open layout of salon feels more like a condo than a boat. Lastly, when cruising between the islands feel free to leave your glass of wine on the table, it will not spill as it would on a monohull.




Pricing upon request.