A gorgeous sailing catamaran. A top-notch crew. Everything about your day is made to order just for you.
Many of our VIP guests on Maui appreciate the anonymity and privacy of securing Kai Kanani II for the private use of their party.

On top of world-class access to snorkeling and offering epic views of Maui and the surrounding islands, a private catamaran experience in Maui is a must-do for discerning visitors. Our catamaran provides peak stability on the ocean and our location is optimal for a private setting. This is time meant for enjoying yourself and your selected party, relaxing, and unwinding and letting the Maui vibe take over.

Ultimately, we will work with you to design the perfect itinerary from snorkel to sunset, menu and setting for your private adventure.

Chances are, even if you’ve never been to Maui yourself, you’ve heard of just how beautiful the island is. Even if you haven’t, then at least you know that Hawaii is a favorite vacation destination for millions of people! Not only is Maui pretty nice to look at, but it makes for some out-of-this-world snorkeling!

The waters surrounding Maui are very clear, which means that you can see fish up to hundreds of feet away. There are also several beaches that are home to quiet, undisturbed bodies of water. At these beaches, you can easily see dozens of different types of fish and aquatic life, making it perfect to snorkel at!

Whale Season is a very exciting time in Hawaii, here on Maui and aboard Kai Kanani. Whale songs can fill the water and be heard on even the most casual snorkel excursion. And it’s almost impossible to sit on the beach and not see some type of whale action – spouts of the whales as they come up for air, breaches as they jump out of the water, and tail slaps as they smack the surface. Experience these incredible creatures like never before as they play, bask, and give birth to a new generation in our peaceful ocean backyard.

Scientists tell us that whales have been swimming our oceans for the past 65 million years. No surprise then that the songs of megaptera novaeangliae, (the Pacific humpback whale) sound as old as time itself. Don’t miss your chance to welcome these majestic creatures to the Hawaiian Islands!

There’s nothing quite like a Maui sunset, with Molokini silhouetted on the horizon and the presence of friends and loved ones and the best crew on Maui taking care of your every need.

As the only catamaran in South Maui, we sail alone with the ocean our canvas and the wind as the brush.** Our captain and crew are there to serve you and your friends and make the tour as comfortable as possible. Sit back and enjoy what we think will be the best evening of your Maui vacation.




Pricing upon request.