Captain Rey Winkler and deckhand Fernando Noyola: Rey is originally from La Paz and is very honest and forthright. He is outgoing and friendly; smiling easily. He knows all aspects of fishing from inshore, to tuna to marlin. Rey’s English is good. Deckhand Fernando Noyola is a lot of fun and a great fisherman speaking quite a bit of English, he loves to fish and surf in his spare time. Most notable catch was a huge 591 lbs. blue marlin, happening during the Bisbees Black and Blue Tournament, 2013. Winner of Tuna Division, Los Cabos Billfish Tournament 2015.

Tiburon is a classic 31 ft Bertram in top shape, very clean and fast. Twin engine, with cabin, fighting chair, live bait well, GPS and ship to shore radio. Captain Rosendo Gomez has been with the fleet for 22 years, formerly as the deckhand aboard Valerie and now promoted to Captain of this vessel. Rosendo is dedicated and very experienced with a mellow personality, always making you feel at home aboard his boat. Deckhand Abraham Castro comes from a long line of fisherman. This crew speaks some English and are dedicated to making your day a success.

This boat was rebuilt from the hull up in 2017 with interior flybridge rebuilt and new engines installed, making it practically a new boat. Captain Jose Ramon "JR" Alucano was awarded Top Captain, for most striped marlin released worldwide in 2007, by the Billfish Foundation. JR has been in our fleet since the year 2000. He is an excellent and valued captain by our fleet and anglers alike. He is a great fisherman and excellent host when you are aboard his boat. He speaks good English. His favorite fish to catch and release is Striped Marlin. In 2018 and 2019 he won Top Billfish Release Captain with over 870 Marlin released in one year. His largest fish caught to date is a 787 lbs Blue, as well as a 462 lbs Black Marlin. In his spare time he likes to hunt for rabbit, deer or hogs in the mountains nearby to Cabo and tend to his Ranch. He loves spending time with his family and fishing from shore as well. Deckhand Arturo Peralta is from Cabo and has been fishing for 15 years. He has an agreeable and easy-going personality and speaks some English. Captain JR and him make a great team, they have a good work-ethic, and always look to take the utmost care of their anglers aboard. His favorite fish to catch is Yellowfin Tuna, because of the strong and dynamic fight they put up. His largest fish caught to date is a 650 lbs Blue Marlin. Yellowfin Tuna: 285 lbs, Wahoo: 100 lbs.

Captain Julio Castro and deckhand Martin Gonzalez: This vessel was the winner of the 2006 Los Cabos Billfish Tournament netting a team from Finland over six hundred thousand dollars with the 438 lb blue marlin. Julio is a fisherman to the core and works hard to put you on fish, he speaks good English, and he was the recipient of the Billfish Foundation award in 2005 and 2006 for most striped marlin released worldwide. Deckhand Martin loves fishing, he is very skilled coming from a family of fisherman and knows all aspects from sewing special live baits, to having an accurate casting arm. He is young and energetic helping this boat to have a great catch record.

Captain Beto Lira recently took on the post of Captain aboard this vessel where he apprenticed as deckhand for seven years. Beto has already taken Ruthless to another level getting rave reviews from our clients. His youth has brought new energy to the boat where he has shown off his fishing skills and dedication to customer service. Beto speaks good English as does his deckhand Roberto who goes out of his way to take care of the guests. Winner of the Wahoo division WON Tuna Jackpot 2015. Most blue marlin released Bisbees 2015.




All inclusive full day $695.
Bareboat full day $580.
Bareboat half day $521.25.