30ft Bertram Moppie "KARINA" -This is what our regular 30 FT Bertram clients have been waiting for - everything you enjoy about our standard Bertram's with the addition of a comfortable cabin and AIR-CONDITIONING. A step up from the 30 ft Bertram's due to being newer but still affordable. This vessel has a 12 foot beam and is well set out for fishing. Twin Cummins 315 HP diesel engines have this beauty cruising at 24 knots and a top speed of 29 knots. Only 20 Bertram Moppies were made and they are much sought after due to their incredible design and seaworthiness, especially in rough seas.
This is what marine surveyor David Pascoe says about this boat: "I've finally found my dream boat and this is it. I'm almost embarrassed to use such words due to all the ridiculous hype we read in the magazines, but I can assure you that it is hard to overstate the positive aspects of the 30 Moppie. Superb, absolutely superb. It’s a shame that there are so many pathetically designed and poorly handling boats out there that the average boater has come to accept poor performance as a standard. Most just don’t know what a great handling boat is because they never get the opportunity to pilot one. The first thing I did was to slow down from a 24 knot romp on beam seas, cut her back to 12 knots and then put her bow smack into those mildly towering waves coming at us. I fully expected to see blue water coming over the bow but it never happened. Each time the bow neatly rose up and over the wave without plunging deep into the trough of the next one. How many thirty footers have you ever been aboard where you don’t feel cramped and are constantly bumping into things? The traffic pattern is a straight, unencumbered pathway right up the middle. The companionway into the cabin is huge and you can walk right down the steps without even ducking (I’m 6-0). Beautiful, just beautiful."
Captain Orlando was born and raised in Loreto. He has been fishing professionally for almost 30 years. He can be quite reserved, but he is kind and sweet; he is a big guy with an even bigger heart. His goal on the water is always to have a great day of fishing, but mostly, for anglers to make memories they will never forget. Orlando has one tournament win to his name, taking 1st place in the Billfish release division of the Stars and Stripes tournament. His favorite fish to land is the Blue Marlin; his biggest to date is a 600 pounder. His largest Dorado is a 60 pound fish, 287 lbs Yellowfin and 45 pound Wahoo.
Pablo Martinez is the perfect complement to his captain. Where Orlando is more reserved, Pablo is outgoing and always excited to be out at sea. He is an incredible deckhand: dynamic, fast, and has great eyes for spotting fish. He loves making anglers happy and likes teaching new anglers the ropes. He is one of our top tag and release deckhands. He is great with kids too! His largest fish caught to date is a 700 lbs Marlin,130 lbs Wahoo and a 308 lbs Yellowfin Tuna.




All inclusive full day $850.
Bareboat full day $700.
Bareboat half day $637.50.