Strictly Business is not your average fishing vessel. This Hatteras 65′ Enclosed Bridge Yacht is a luxury craft that happens to be used for fishing. The boat is equipped with two Seakeeper 9 gyro-stabilizers that reduce 90% of the ocean’s pitch while floating or underway. Motion sickness? Not on this boat! Strictly business is also equipped with state-of-the-art 3-D fish finder radars. 600 pounds of ice per day: that’s how much ice the ice-makers on-board the vessel can make. That’s a mighty big fish, or a boat load of margaritas; have it your way.
The most obvious mission of Strictly Business is, of course, hunting down and catching sport fish. In this regard, the 65′ Hatteras is at the top of the heap. With eight rocket launchers on the bridge-deck rail, six in the cockpit wings, four in the gunwales, and four on the fighting chair, the boat can bristle with 22 instantly accessible rods. There’s stowage for twice that many, counting the lockers under the bridge-deck lounge and those in the cabin. Cockpit space? You could park an SUV in there. Inside, Strictly Business is just as ornate as you’d expect from a $2.3 million yacht. Maybe even more so when you consider such goodies as the master head, fluted cherry valences, and countertops made of onyx and marble. All of the creature comforts are provided; air conditioning, designer furniture, flat-screen TVs, stereo equipment, blenders, ambient lighting and more abound. Strictly Business is equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art navigation, Furuno 3-D fish finders and Seakeeper gyro-stabilizers. Not to mention: air conditioning!
Captain Ruben is a skilled fisherman, a highly competent crew chief, a dedicated family man, and above all, a phenomenal boat captain. Originally from Mazatlan, Ruben has been fishing his entire life, inheriting a centuries old family tradition passed down to him by his father and grandfathers. Ruben began fishing professionally at age 16 and has competed successfully in many tournaments since then. Ruben served previously as the First Mate of the Tourbillon, an 87ft vessel managed by Pisces Sportfishing in Cabo San Lucas that fished Alaskan waters in the winters and Baja waters in the summers for a total of seven years. Ruben learned to speak English and fostered many American business contacts during his tenure with Pisces. Ruben later earned his captain’s license in Mazatlan Sinaloa.
Ruben is a mild mannered, kind gentleman who places his client’s satisfaction and passengers’ safety above all else. Ruben currently lives in Cabo San Lucas with his wife and two young children. We feel fortunate to have him in our service and we know he’ll make sure that your time on the water is rewarding.
Alberto is First Mate of Strictly Business and Jose serves as the boat’s Chief Deckhand and elder statesman. Like Ruben, these two are also originally from Mazatlan and have been fishing in the Pacific water of Mexico their entire lives. This crew has been working together for close to a decade and they perform like a tournament champion team when it comes to fishing for Marlin, Tuna, or Dorado. Alberto takes English classes at a local university and Jose- not so much. Both men will make sure that your lines are constantly baited with the freshest fish bait available (they often catch smaller fish in the wee-hours of the morning to use later that day) and that your drinks are frosty and refreshing. You will want for nothing aboard Strictly Business and our crew will see to it.
She comes complete with bait, fishing licenses, coffee/juice/fruit/muffins, boxed lunches, water/sodas, beer and towels. This is the top of the line sportfishing experience.




Full day all inclusive $3,500
Half day all inclusive $2,500
Overnight all inclusive $5,000